Tips For Replacing Your Toilet

By | October 24, 2013

toiletHave you found that your toilet is leaking or cracked? Or perhaps you are just looking to change the look of your bathroom. If this is you then you might could benefit from knowing how you can change the toilet out on your own.

You will need to purchase a few items. First you will need a new wax ring to seal the toilet, the toilet you want to use, as well as any tools that you may not already have on hand. Keep in mind that you might also need to buy a new seat as your old one might not fit the new toilet. Once you have all these things you can remove the old toilet and get rid of it. You need to ensure before removing it that you take the time to unhook its water supply so that water doesn’t start going everywhere.  Once the old toilet is removed you then need to focus on making sure you have the old ring completely removed or you will find that you have a toilet that is lopsided.

With all this complete you can put in the wax ring you bought. You should get the ring to room temperature before installing so that it takes to the toilet. Once the ring is in place you can place the new toilet on top of it. With the toilet in place you need to put back the bolts to hold it down. You should not tighten them right away though. Make sure the toilet is correctly placed and put some pressure on it. Move it a little to help get the ring in place. Once you have done that you will be able to tighten down each bolt until it is fully held down. Put your tank on the top and then hook the water supply up to it again.

Once you have done all this you want should flush it to make sure you are not facing any leaks. There should be a little gap where the toilet and ring are. You can use caulk to fix this gap and to help give it a better look if you choose to. This will make the job look more professionally done and it is inexpensive. The caulk will take a bit of time to dry so you should leave it alone for a while.

Replacing a toilet is not a complicated tasks but it does take some time and effort. For those who don’t want to have to deal with mess and hassle of replacing the toilet on their own they can simply turn the water off to the toilet and call a plumber to come out and handle the job for them. Plumbers are great at what they do and they will likely give you a warranty behind the work that they have done so if anything goes wrong they can come back out and fix it within a certain period of time and it will cost you nothing.

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